Located in Qingdao, China, Higrade Stamping specializes in stamping die, progressive die, sheet metal parts, including stainless steel/iron stamping parts, Galvanized sheet stamped parts,and so on.Excellent stamping die manufacturer & supplier,come to higrade stamping, you can find you want.  

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Qingdao Higrade Moulds & Products Co.,Ltd.

Add: He Nantou Industrial Park, Ji Hongtan, Chengyang District ,Qingdao City ,China


Website:  www.higrademould.com       www.higradestamping.com   


Tel:+86-532-68950299           +86-18766258677


Email: chinamould@vip.163.com      sales@higradegroup.com 



Tel:+86-532-68950299  86-18766258677   Fax: +86-532-68950228 

Email: chinamould@vip.163.com,   Address: He Nantou Industrial Park, Ji Hongtan, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, China

Higrade Stamping is a China stamping die company, specializes in progessive die,stamped parts & metal stamping parts.  Key words: china stamping,china metal parts.