Located in Qingdao, China, Higrade Stamping specializes in stamping die, progressive die, sheet metal parts, including stainless steel/iron stamping parts, Galvanized sheet stamped parts,and so on.Excellent stamping die manufacturer & supplier,come to higrade stamping, you can find you want.  

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ISO9001 certified. All staff insist quality is the root of our company. Employees with rich experience and professional training, advanced machining and inspection equipments, qualified supplier and perfect quality assurance system will guarantee each part to be traced to related person and machine from design to delivery. 
Perfect Design Only One Time  RP/RT Product assembly and validation
Tooling structure approval by comment of specialists
Competency for design engineer
Tooling design specification integrated by European and American manner 
Perfect manufacture only one time 
All employees wont work until qualified training
Equipped with advanced high speed CNC、EDM、W-EDM、gun drilling、polishing machine、assembly machine 
Each process with self-inspection and professional inspection(refer to standard sample or drawing) 
Staff quality improving 

All employees intend to make each product with zero defect 
Special training and improving for quality defect per month 
Improve quality defect by QC team  


Tel:+86-532-68950299  86-18766258677   Fax: +86-532-68950228 

Email: chinamould@vip.163.com,   Address: He Nantou Industrial Park, Ji Hongtan, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, China

Higrade Stamping is a China stamping die company, specializes in progessive die,stamped parts & metal stamping parts.  Key words: china stamping,china metal parts.