Washer Flange

DFM Report

The washing machine flange is a part used on the washing machine drain pump. The motor is installed inside it. The coil generates the electromagnetic to make the motor rotate and drive the impeller to rotate and drain. This part can be shared with different models of washing machines of different brands, and the amount of use is large. In 2019, the global washing machine capacity was approximately 230 million units, of which approximately 110 million units were in the Asian and African markets, approximately 50 million units in the European market, and approximately 40 million units in the American market. Flange products have the following features:1. The product is a functional part, which requires full-size qualification and high mold processing requirements.2. The product has ring-shaped undercuts, which makes mould design and processing difficult.3. The wall thickness uniformity of the cylindrical shape in the middle of the product has a strict requirement, and the wall thickness is in the range of ***-***mm, not exceeding the tolerance.

CAE Analysis

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Mould Design

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