Qingdao Higrade Moulds & Plastics Co. ,Ltd.

Higrade pursues family culture as the center.

Be Tolerant, Be Virtuous.

Co-building, Co-governance and Sharing

Accumulate richly and break forth vastly. Great virtue to carry all things.

Brand is the carrier of culture, and culture is the connotation of brand.

Higrade’s corporate culture advocates "inclusiveness": inclusiveness allows employees to have their own thinking and ideas, and gives them a wide space to develop their talents and inspiration; inclusiveness allows customers to find resonance points and realize their needs with different customers, different backgrounds and different preferences.

  • Enterprise Spirit


    Keep forging ahead.

    Never give up!

  • Management Policy

    With respect, cooperation as the guiding ideology,

    taking the market as the core, value quality,

    and save cost to achieve annual output target.

  • Quality Policy

    The management of innovation

    Full participation

    Continuous improvement

    Customer satisfaction

  • Work Ethic



    Communication and Pool the Wisdom!

  • Working Habits

    Fast and Meticulous.

    Do today.


Be the global high-end users trusted tooling engineering solutions supplier.


Build competitive mold products, and serve the world clients with the professional technology and management mode .


Respect, Cooperation, Communication and Pool the Wisdom;Co-building, Co-managing and Sharing.

Team Activities-Wonderful Shots

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