Higrade——AAA Credit Enterprise

2021/03/30 09:33:22

In order to promote the construction of enterprise credit system, create a good credit environment, establish credit awareness and strengthen enterprise self-discipline, Licang government handled enterprise credit rating evaluation certificate for enterprises.The credit rating evaluation of Chinese enterprises adheres to the principles of independence, impartiality and prudence, and is carried out in strict accordance with the prescribed standard and procedures to ensure the legitimacy and authority of the evaluation conclusions. Our company has obtained 7 credit evaluation certificates in this enterprise credit evaluation, which are: AAA credit management demonstration unit, honest entrepreneur, AAA enterprise credit rating certificate, AAA enterprise credit rating certificate, AAA Chinese bidding enterprise credit rating certificate, AAA contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, AAA quality and service honest unit, and awarded AAA credit enterprise medal.


Credit rating is divided into three levels and five levels, namely: A (AAA, AA, a), B, C, of which A is trustworthy enterprise;B corresponds to prompt enterprise; C corresponds to dishonest enterprise.AAA enterprises are in good operating conditions

and have broad prospects for development. The impact of uncertain factors on their operation and development is minimal. They have excellent credit records, with a score of 85-100, which is the highest level.