The Higrade evaluation activity of "Excellent Intern" is carrying on warmly

2021/09/29 11:27:04

In order to stimulate the enterprising spirit of interns during the internship, motivate interns to study and work actively, and promote the overall improvement of their professional ability and comprehensive quality, Higrade has been carrying out the "Excellent Intern" evaluation activity for three months. The evaluation groups are divided into three groups:home appliances - installation adjustment, automobile - installation adjustment, machining center. The internship activity started from August 1st. After layers of the screening and auditing of the company and the business division, each group recommended two interns as "excellent interns" and gave certain rewards.   



     From this we can see that Higrade is a foundation that attaches importance to talent cultivation. The sound development of an enterprise needs excellent talents, and talent reserve is the hope and cornerstone for the development of an enterprise. Higrade knows this very well, and will regularly conduct various professional training activities for Higrade employees to help them grow up.

       This competition can stimulate each intern's enthusiasm for work, which is also can cultivate their spirit of self-dedication to work and help them quickly grow into an excellent mold maker, and it also has a good guiding and promoting effect on their future career.