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  • Mold production process

    The following is the basic process of modern mold production

    2022-06-13 10:16
  • Injection Mold - Features of 2K Mold

    The 2K mold injection molding machine consists of two sets of plasticizing injection devices with the same structure and specifications.

    2022-05-28 11:42
  • Mould Design and Production

    There are several stages in this work for mould design & production.

    2022-04-18 17:36
  • Mold Knowledge Sharing

    Mold is a kind of production tool that is used in industrial production for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting or pressing forming, smelting, stamping and other methods to produce parts with a certain shape and size requirements. Basically, products production from all walks of life needs to use mold.So mold is the mother of industry.

    2021-09-17 09:25
  • Higrade——AAA Credit Enterprise

    In order to promote the construction of enterprise credit system, create a good credit environment, establish credit awareness and strengthen enterprise self-discipline, Licang government handled enterprise credit rating evaluation certificate for enterprises.

    2021-03-30 09:33